Why the hell are you here? The short answer is that I love the idea of tilde.team. This is one of many jaunts I am taking back towards a more decentralized internet, while also being a good place to sharpen my UNIX skills back up. It's an awesome community.

I will admit to some some sentimentality. I'm old enough to have connected to BBSes when you were amongst the cool kids if you could handshake at 9600 baud. It was this strange, hybrid time between when you connected to tiny, mostly isolated communites and information pools, and when the internet became something you could access as a consumer.

I've found myself disillusioned with having left that world for the more centralized, always on, always corporate, and (thanks Google, Facebook and others) always watching big tech. Our data is being sold so we can be sold more stuff - and that's putting the state of things in its best light.

I wouldn't expect to rely on what you see here. It's mostly a plaything for me, so I can build on what I know and port it over to my main “personal” site, drskrzyk.xyz and my more “professional” site, the garbagefile.

If you are really interested in going back in time, I will also be maintaining and expanding on a gopher presence here.

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